i need you.


Mayer Hawthorne – I Need You. Ph3=Billy Kidd, the rest unknown.

Mayer Hawthorne – No Strings // All pic’s unknown.


So yea.. I love Sweden. Hehe. Not just because I have so many brilliant memories from Sweden, but also because of all their blogs. It’s crazy overthere! EVERYBODY has a blog. Young and old, fat and skinny – everybody blogs. I read some of the big ones – but blogging is bigger than facebook over there (I know nothing about that, but it wouldent suprise me). And now i found that SEB are having this competition for 100.000 swedish kr. to your company – or your blog. haha. It’s amazing. That’s how big blogging is. Gotta love it. But i thought to my self – why not give it a try ?! It would be awesome. I would blog more and better (yes it can get better than this :O ) and then everybody would love me and then I could earn money by blogging and then 1, 2, 3 my life would be awesome! Wehu. The thing is… I have very much confidence in my self as a blogger… in most ways. I really digg my blog – the theme, the design, the pictures and yea… everything. I know it sounds cocky – but i do not get people who wouldent follow my blog. The only things that is not awesome is my spelling, but I’ll get better – and the fact that I do not have the money to live the awesome life I should live to have the perfect blog. Bummer. But maybe SEB could help me with that?? Naah. Don’t know. Probably not gonna win.. Maybe it’s a promlem that I live in Denmark and write in English? Pff. I’ll gladly write in Swedish for 100.000 kr.  So dear SEB. You should pich me because my blog is awesome, but it would get even more awesome if I had more money… I am a bright girl, and I love doing this. I love sharing thoughts and beautiful pictures here and i love to sit and fix with things like this. Would be wonderful if you picked me. I could make my blog swedish ;) I am swedish as well. And to all my readers – you should try out as well!! Go to this link: http://enklafirman.feber.se/ and check it out! Or you could just wish me luck ! So long // S.

Oh yea. Another thing. I also have a awesome and very wide taste in music!!

It hard to bare. Thinking of summer makes me happy – but also sad at the same time… because I want things to be as awesome as they where back then. Not just what I did, who I saw and the fact that it was warm – my mind was clear and I did not have a worry in my life. I just did what i wanted – I have never felt as free as I did this summer. Oooh god take me back. On the other hand… Besides from the cold weather I’m going pretty great now as well. I just have a bad day, so i think back on something awesome and feel sorry for myself – but really I’m doing pretty good these days. And even though I can’t wait for my India-adventure I sure am going to miss everybody back home… like crazy. And it is going to be lonly at times. BUT – I come home to summer in Copenhagen, and a week before roskilde festival.. awesome indeed. Now I will try to get out of bed, and prepare myself for another wild night out. // S.

…. last photo by István Lábady

Some people seem to think so. Or maybe not a bad person… But a selfish person… perhaps that is true. That’s not a very nice to hear from someone close to you that you really care about – and what is the answer to something like that? I did not have any… “I’m sorry” is just really good for nothing. I did fuck up. I am fucked up… apparently.. Fuck. // S

Held The Hand by Mayer Hawthorne // all pic’s = unknown.

– oh yes, I think so! It hvae been so long. Anf many people would say that 11 days is not a long time – but for me it is. And then many people would say that it is a problem that I feel that way – and then I would say “then you haven’t met my friends” – haha. No but seriously… and I would say that this is just a time in my life where I like to get drunk, party, dans and have fun with my friends. It’s not like I’m going to keep this lifestyle forever. And I have just had a shitty five hours on my shitty job so i deserve a drink or 12. Hihi. So long MoFo’s. Have a nice evening. // S.

ph2: by Alex Prager, ph5: by Angelo Pennetta —–>