alors on danse.


i love french STROMAE's new song Alors on danse.
-  but i can't really figure out if his hot or not ?

7 Responses to “alors on danse.”

  1. 1 JesalTV

    You need to check out this wicked new remix of Alors On Danse by a UK rapper, this song is spreading everywhere!!

    • Hhahaahha. Some of the worst rap i have ever heard!

      • 3 JesalTV

        Hhahahahha you’re crazy if that’s the worst rap you ever heard hahahahaha lol – oh well, everyone has their own taste, it’s a free world hahaha

      • i did not say it was the worst rap – but some of the worst indeed. No flow, wack rimes. haha. omg.

      • 5 JesalTV

        LOL so who do you think is a good rapper with nice flow/rhymes??

      • ROFL – i digg many rappers. I started listening to eminem… he was like the man who got me into hiphop. Many people have many bad things to say about him, but you can not say he has a bad flow and you can not say he cant rhyme.. and then we have rappers like the boys from Looptroop – a swedish group, we have Gangstarr, Mos Def, N.W.A., 2pac, the danish group “Suspekt”,Wu-Tang Clan, Lords of the Underground, mike skinner, The Fugees, Jay-z, Jurassic 5 aaaaand so on…… im sorry if i’d hur youre feelings. It’s just not my kind of music….

      • 7 JesalTV

        No it’s cool, you haven’t hurt my feelings! I’m just interested. I love all sorts of hip hop. This was just a fun remix. Maybe you would prefer this more: which is more a tribute to Guru/Gang Starr. I like all different styles of hip hop. What do you think about the new Eminem song that went straight to No1 in America?

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