smoking is bad for you!


5 Responses to “smoking is bad for you!”

  1. 1 audrey

    oh, dear, quit quit quit! it’s a convenient mood fix and thing to do, but take up a hobby that won’t give you cancer and make your life hell eventually. you’ve got far too lovely a soul and far too exquisite an eye for beauty to risk doing such wretched damage to yourself. try knitting, maybe?

    • 2 not so interesting ?!

      Well yes i know. but it is not as easy as it seems. ans all my friends smoke as well. But I think… perhaps… I’ll quit while i’m in india.. then i am not around all my smoking friends, and then maybe the habbit-part of it get easyer. But we’ll see. I will quit some day, thats for sure. but thank you for the concern and the nice words :)

  2. 3 oxydizer

    I quit smoking 7 years ago. All compensated by drining. Tough struggle – to give up smoking

    1 cigarette

    5 cigs
    19 cigs
    29 cigs
    15 cigs
    10 cigs
    5 cigs
    4 cigs
    2 cigs
    1 a day

    That continued for a long time

    And then QUIT. Happy. Tough habit. Now I can chuck out booze. Nothing compared to smoking. Let’s live a clean life.

    Smoking and boozing screw up sex. Sex is the best addiction.

    • 4 not so interesting ?!

      Yea, I will quit .. some day. But I think that I’ll have to really want it for it to happen. at that will happen. I’m sure of it. Sex IS the best addiction – as long as it’s not too much… and I think it’s the same thing with drinking. It’s OK, as long as you can control it.

  3. 5 oxydizer

    Quit. It’s good for you. Remember every cigarette you light is aging you. It can turn your hair prematurely gray. Once you remember this you’ll hate every cigarette you’ll remove from your pack. NEXT- if you are gradually reducing then take a multi vitamin pill every day. Ask your Doc. Because I guess smoking and drinking kill a lot of nutrients. You’ll need resupply.

    This is a friendly advice from an ex-smoker. Once you give up the habit, believe me, you’ll be thankful. You’ll feel fresh.

    Have a great day.

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