bad bad blogger.


Hallo. I know i don’t really blog anymore – and I know I have a few readers who are really not happy about that… I don’t know… I feel like it’s one or the other. Ether I go all in, and blog all day every day, or I don’t really blog at all. That thing in between is good for nothing, or what do you say? And the first option is no option, because that would take all my time, and then I would not have any time for my dear friends and my “wonderful” job (earning money) and that would be a shame. hmm. I don’t know. I geuss i thought I would be a famous blogger by now – who could live the sweet life on all the money I made on my awesome blog…. but that is not the case. haha. BUT… i hope to blog a bit from india… that would be great. – oh and this is the first time i just write a text and post it without beeing all fancy pancy about it… but I was like…. whatever… is it OK? and the spelling is probably a mess (as always) – but in my defense I ans ill and tired… so… yea… Bye. – S.

ph1: Eric Guillemain, ph2: Mateusz Stankiewicz, ph6: Timothy Keen.

Robyn – not at all as we know her now. but still awesome!


4 Responses to “bad bad blogger.”

  1. 1 oxydizer

    Bad blogging…hm go to and they’ve got some fantastic theories on blog. You are beautiful.

  2. 2 oxydizer

    Matueuse – her pic is fantastic. She’s enchanting, lovely. Adorable, worshipable, what else can I say.

    • 3 not so interesting ?!

      Once again I am not really sure what you mean … hehe. I’m sorry. But it looks very positive so thank you.. i geuss :D

  3. 4 oxydizer

    Yeah. A compliment to the pictures.

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