After i wrote the post yesterday i totally realized how much i love doing this. I can’t really explain why… It’s the combination of expressing myself with words, pictures and music. I don’t know if it sounds stupid or wtf – all i know is that’s the way it iiiis. It’s a pity that I am still “ashamed” of the whole blogging thing. Almost non of my friends know. But i geuss it’s the whole self-promoting part in it. It’s not “cool” he he. And everybody wants to be cool right? No, but i get it. I kind of feel the same way. Why should people know how I think and feel about things – and what I do for a living, and who I hang out with, and that I’m going to India and blablabla. It’s stupid really. But I like it… So what can I do? Keep blogging but also keeping it a secret – yapp, for now that’s the plan. And to be honest… with all the self-promotion we have on facebook these days – people should just shut the fuck up and mind themselves. So long – S

ph3: fulheten.com, ph5 by Jesse Jenkins, ph7: theo gosselin

this music – this man. just amazing. yessss.


3 Responses to “Hi.”

  1. 1 oxydizer

    I like your blog. But you have said much. Just about why you want to blog. To be your self.

    I agree that people needn’t know anything.

    Facebook is a Pain Up The A. Hate it. I like blogs. Can say, talk and not be really connected. Can be honest. But blogs have to have a statement. I am a guy and you can say, ” All guys are dumb!” that’ll be very interesting. And shy.

    Nice. Have a nice day.

    • 2 not so interesting ?!

      Hmm. I’m not really sure I know what you mean… But I’m glad you like my blog :)

  2. 3 oxydizer

    I mean, be US.

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