a tribute.


Yesterday when I was still lying sick in bed I killed some time on my beloved YouTube. I saw some different Robyn videos and interviews and then I fell over this:

Robyn’s version of Björk’s wonderful song Hyperballad. And as much as I love Robyn – nobody can do any of Björk’s songs better than Björk herself! I don’t really listen to Björk anymore – sadly. But I grew up with my parents listening to Björk, and I had some years when I really enjoyed her music a lot. But you have to be in a very special mood, to listen to Björk. But seeing this (YouTube clip) reminded me of the fantastic Icelandic artist – and how great her music is. Now Björk is back in my headphones – that’s for sure. What do you think about Björk? I know there is very different opinions about her music so I would love to hear what you think! // S.

It’s not just as a singer and aongwriter i admire her. The movie Dancer in the Dark is a masterpiece in my opinion, and Björk a great actor!

Just some random picked masterworks by the dear Björk.


2 Responses to “a tribute.”

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    • 2 not so interesting ?!

      Hallo and thank you very much! Love it when people digg what I do in here. My theme is called Unsleepable by Anonymous and it’s in the wordpress Themes. But the theme it self is very simple really. it’s the sidebar that have taken me a lit of time, and that is the… best part of the theme )if you ask me. And that I made myself with word and screetshots. :)

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