time to get drrrunk ?!


– oh yes, I think so! It hvae been so long. Anf many people would say that 11 days is not a long time – but for me it is. And then many people would say that it is a problem that I feel that way – and then I would say “then you haven’t met my friends” – haha. No but seriously… and I would say that this is just a time in my life where I like to get drunk, party, dans and have fun with my friends. It’s not like I’m going to keep this lifestyle forever. And I have just had a shitty five hours on my shitty job so i deserve a drink or 12. Hihi. So long MoFo’s. Have a nice evening. // S.

ph2: by Alex Prager, ph5: by Angelo Pennetta —–>


4 Responses to “time to get drrrunk ?!”

  1. 1 oxydizer

    So we share a common habit. I get drunk. I said that. I too stopped for 7 days. No one trusts that I’ll give up the habit. They say I have a will power and I can stop.

    But I bored of life.

    Drink takes my mind away from my mind. I want to get out of my mind. My routine mind.

    Do you know you get addicted to drink and its places. Sometimes more than the drink the pub can be addictive.

    But drinking is about making your body and amusement park. Not good. We know.

    So let’s stop.

    I loved that picture 3rd from bottom. Wow!

    • 2 not so interesting ?!

      I am not really sure we drink in the same way. I am 20 years old – and live in Denmark. Here we drink alot in this age.. it’s a part of out culture. So I do not see it as a problem. Prepared to many of my friends I drink almost nothing. I have never taken a drink, a beer or even a glass of wine with out company – and when I drink it’s to party, be social and let loose. I like it. I know it’s not good for your body – But there are so many things that aren’t. I’m young and stupid – and I love it. I do not plan to keep drinking this much – or parting this much. Bur for now this is how I do it.

  2. 3 oxydizer

    And that’s OK. I enjoy. You enjoy. But people who watch tend to say something that you and i don’t like. If I find you drinking i won’t even think about it. Because it’s your life. You are enjoying your life.

    I support you. But, I will never ask you to drink. Why? That will be selfish. I cannot ask you to enjoy the shit that I enjoy. I will destroy myself. Why should I destroy another person.

    A sweet person who has not harmed me? Why?

    Take care. i am 100000000000000000000 of miles away.

    would have have fallen in love with you.


  3. 4 oxydizer

    Get drunk get aged. Don’t drink be young.

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