why not give it a try ?!


So yea.. I love Sweden. Hehe. Not just because I have so many brilliant memories from Sweden, but also because of all their blogs. It’s crazy overthere! EVERYBODY has a blog. Young and old, fat and skinny – everybody blogs. I read some of the big ones – but blogging is bigger than facebook over there (I know nothing about that, but it wouldent suprise me). And now i found that SEB are having this competition for 100.000 swedish kr. to your company – or your blog. haha. It’s amazing. That’s how big blogging is. Gotta love it. But i thought to my self – why not give it a try ?! It would be awesome. I would blog more and better (yes it can get better than this :O ) and then everybody would love me and then I could earn money by blogging and then 1, 2, 3 my life would be awesome! Wehu. The thing is… I have very much confidence in my self as a blogger… in most ways. I really digg my blog – the theme, the design, the pictures and yea… everything. I know it sounds cocky – but i do not get people who wouldent follow my blog. The only things that is not awesome is my spelling, but I’ll get better – and the fact that I do not have the money to live the awesome life I should live to have the perfect blog. Bummer. But maybe SEB could help me with that?? Naah. Don’t know. Probably not gonna win.. Maybe it’s a promlem that I live in Denmark and write in English? Pff. I’ll gladly write in Swedish for 100.000 kr.  So dear SEB. You should pich me because my blog is awesome, but it would get even more awesome if I had more money… I am a bright girl, and I love doing this. I love sharing thoughts and beautiful pictures here and i love to sit and fix with things like this. Would be wonderful if you picked me. I could make my blog swedish ;) I am swedish as well. And to all my readers – you should try out as well!! Go to this link: http://enklafirman.feber.se/ and check it out! Or you could just wish me luck ! So long // S.

Oh yea. Another thing. I also have a awesome and very wide taste in music!!


3 Responses to “why not give it a try ?!”

  1. 1 oxydizer

    I don’t know Swedish but wish you luck. Curious – why is blogging more popular than FB in Sweden. Curious because I too like blogs more then FB. I got out of FB. I find it sick.

  2. 2 not so interesting ?!

    Thank you very much – And i don’t know why. But I really fint it interesting as well. – And I really like it.

  3. 3 oxydizer

    FB looks like social noise. It’s like a party. A meting. Blogging is personal. Humans connect on blogs. Some common feeling touches you. And you become friends. Blogging is like friends sitting on a beach or a beautiful place, or under a beautiful tree and we are all talking. We relate, maybe emotionally.

    But FB looks like a crowd making a noise and saying stupid hellos to everyone.


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