3 Responses to “good-for-nothing-kind-of-day/girl.”

  1. 1 oxydizer

    Didn’t understand. very intriguing blog. Mysterious.

  2. 2 not so interesting ?!

    Haha. Well don’t know how much there is to understand. I tried to describe a feeling I had that day with music and pictures. That is what I do in here very often. And Mysterious you say? – I take that as a compliment.

  3. 3 oxydizer

    Yes your blog is interesting because it is very honest. It’s like a child talking. That’s cute. You are not pretending. You are yourself. Your views are interesting.
    I like your posts. That’s why I drop by.

    Can’t sleep. Trying to stop drinking. So I go blogging.

    Sometimes I feel that blogging is just electronic. The ideas and comments are electronic. No real feelings. Like you are talking to real people.

    But I also think there is a mind behind the blogs and comments. there is a person. With a brain. Emotions. So there is a human. And a possible friend far far away.

    I made some good friends on blogs. Now e mail each other.

    When some one is honest with thoughts that becomes interesting. And mysterious because it is the deep original thought, unique to that person. That is fascinating.


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