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So yea.. I love Sweden. Hehe. Not just because I have so many brilliant memories from Sweden, but also because of all their blogs. It’s crazy overthere! EVERYBODY has a blog. Young and old, fat and skinny – everybody blogs. I read some of the big ones – but blogging is bigger than facebook over […]

…. last photo by István Lábady

new font …?!


– i can change (the font on my blog!!)

miles davis and mayer hawthorne <3 two great men.

lazy sunday.


Hahaha, i never heard this song before, but i found it on youtube, thougt it was kind of funny and wanted to share it with you!

i would like my day to look something like this… please…



i will be out driving around in something like on picture two. i will scream at the top of my lungs. i will be so drrrunk. i will be so happy… happy that it’s over!