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So yea.. I love Sweden. Hehe. Not just because I have so many brilliant memories from Sweden, but also because of all their blogs. It’s crazy overthere! EVERYBODY has a blog. Young and old, fat and skinny – everybody blogs. I read some of the big ones – but blogging is bigger than facebook over […]

It hard to bare. Thinking of summer makes me happy – but also sad at the same time… because I want things to be as awesome as they where back then. Not just what I did, who I saw and the fact that it was warm – my mind was clear and I did not […]

i do like it raw. :)

pic1=by me, pic2,3,4,5,6= by jamel sundoo … ^^(i don’r really like this song, but) i had a feeling that it was going to be a good night… but didn’t expect to be that fucking awesome. i was on top on the world, and next time i feel down, i’ll just think about this night! hihi! […]



pic2+5 by my mother and pic9(last) from johnnys bird… oh yeah! my dear mandy sent this (under this) birthdaysong on my facebook wall. haha. i’m really loving it! :D listen to this, and have a awesome time. i will not have anymore time for blog-life today. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Bye bye. … :)

the first photo is from my last birthday… when i turned 19… gosh – a lot has happend since then!! oh yea… the seconf photo is me as a “beautiful” little girl. haha. a lot has happend since then as well!! –  btw.. i would not mind getting some birhdaysex…. anyone? <3 S

song= don’t really have anything to do with anything… but it’s awesome! pic1=my mother, pic2=billy kidd, the rest=unknown.



– the song don’t really have anything to do with anything… but i like it. + i do feel like a rainbow-face these days. “I feel like my face is i rainbow – when I smile and I cry at the same time …” pic1=henrik purienne, the rest=unknown