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So yea.. I love Sweden. Hehe. Not just because I have so many brilliant memories from Sweden, but also because of all their blogs. It’s crazy overthere! EVERYBODY has a blog. Young and old, fat and skinny – everybody blogs. I read some of the big ones – but blogging is bigger than facebook over […]

It hard to bare. Thinking of summer makes me happy – but also sad at the same time… because I want things to be as awesome as they where back then. Not just what I did, who I saw and the fact that it was warm – my mind was clear and I did not […]

ph1: Olivier Zahm, the rest unknown.

miles davis and mayer hawthorne <3 two great men.

onse again – a little masterpiece from mr. hawthorne. “make her mine” <3 … i’m in a pretty romatic mood at the moment… and i love it! pic1,2,3 = me, pic4= theo gosselin, pic5,6 = unknown.

look what i found outside my door the other day. clouds like these can save my day! one of my fav artist right now. mh. I have my reasons. hihi. i promise you – this is not the last song with the dear Mayer Hawthorne. you should all check it out! it’s aaaawesome.. and.. hot […]

“ba ba bala lady gaga”