… I should have been to the gym today… but as always I was too lazy, and ended up lying in bed with my computer doing nothing. Just great. I’m really spending my last days here in DK in a productive way, huh? Blarh. On the other hand – I am really going to miss my computer the 5. months I am away! It’s my sweetheart, my little baby. He he. I am going to work in two and a half hours… not so interesting… I am really starting to freak out about my trip actually. There are only 26 days till i leave this cold and grey country for the warm and coulerful India – but I am also leaving everything behind. My friends, my famlily, my saftynet – my computer… My life. And I know I am going to have an awesome time, and I know it’s the right thing and the right time for me to do a thing like this. But there are so many things I have to do and get fixed before I leave. Aargh. Well well. Geuss it’s pretty normal to feel like this just before a trip like mine. I’m sure everything is going to be just fine. :) // S

ph6 by Camilla Akrans, the rest unknown. 


– what do i know? show me the right way to go.

Spies by Coldplay – ph1=Craig McDean 2,3,4=unknown… 

a tribute.


Yesterday when I was still lying sick in bed I killed some time on my beloved YouTube. I saw some different Robyn videos and interviews and then I fell over this:

Robyn’s version of Björk’s wonderful song Hyperballad. And as much as I love Robyn – nobody can do any of Björk’s songs better than Björk herself! I don’t really listen to Björk anymore – sadly. But I grew up with my parents listening to Björk, and I had some years when I really enjoyed her music a lot. But you have to be in a very special mood, to listen to Björk. But seeing this (YouTube clip) reminded me of the fantastic Icelandic artist – and how great her music is. Now Björk is back in my headphones – that’s for sure. What do you think about Björk? I know there is very different opinions about her music so I would love to hear what you think! // S.

It’s not just as a singer and aongwriter i admire her. The movie Dancer in the Dark is a masterpiece in my opinion, and Björk a great actor!

Just some random picked masterworks by the dear Björk.



New week, new energy. Last week was pretty shitty. I was sick and did not party at all :( … So this week I will have to party a little extra – drink a little more. Also, I’ll have to work… and work out… and see friends – but then that’s about it. And blog of course!! Btw – I think I found the hostel I’ll check into when I arrive in Mumbai, India – the January the 11th. This is the place. 3$ per. night. Hehehehe. I love Indian prices! Well, well, well. So long // S

– all pic’s unknown… sorry.

… yess. good song. funny video. – giirl power (ph1 Sandor Lubbe)

textbox by me, ph1 : theo gosselin, ph4 ryan mcginley, the rest unknown.

wonderful song.



After i wrote the post yesterday i totally realized how much i love doing this. I can’t really explain why… It’s the combination of expressing myself with words, pictures and music. I don’t know if it sounds stupid or wtf – all i know is that’s the way it iiiis. It’s a pity that I am still “ashamed” of the whole blogging thing. Almost non of my friends know. But i geuss it’s the whole self-promoting part in it. It’s not “cool” he he. And everybody wants to be cool right? No, but i get it. I kind of feel the same way. Why should people know how I think and feel about things – and what I do for a living, and who I hang out with, and that I’m going to India and blablabla. It’s stupid really. But I like it… So what can I do? Keep blogging but also keeping it a secret – yapp, for now that’s the plan. And to be honest… with all the self-promotion we have on facebook these days – people should just shut the fuck up and mind themselves. So long – S

ph3: fulheten.com, ph5 by Jesse Jenkins, ph7: theo gosselin

this music – this man. just amazing. yessss.

Hallo. I know i don’t really blog anymore – and I know I have a few readers who are really not happy about that… I don’t know… I feel like it’s one or the other. Ether I go all in, and blog all day every day, or I don’t really blog at all. That thing in between is good for nothing, or what do you say? And the first option is no option, because that would take all my time, and then I would not have any time for my dear friends and my “wonderful” job (earning money) and that would be a shame. hmm. I don’t know. I geuss i thought I would be a famous blogger by now – who could live the sweet life on all the money I made on my awesome blog…. but that is not the case. haha. BUT… i hope to blog a bit from india… that would be great. – oh and this is the first time i just write a text and post it without beeing all fancy pancy about it… but I was like…. whatever… is it OK? and the spelling is probably a mess (as always) – but in my defense I ans ill and tired… so… yea… Bye. – S.

ph1: Eric Guillemain, ph2: Mateusz Stankiewicz, ph6: Timothy Keen.

Robyn – not at all as we know her now. but still awesome!